Litany For Resurrection Sunday: “Life”

Course: The Visual Litany Collection

Words by Fran Pratt
Music and Art by Brad Inman

A new video tool for worship! Plug this short video into your presentation software for a beautiful RESPONSIVE READING for gathered worship during Easter morning. This visual liturgy is paced to work with the leader reading and the congregation responding in such a way that gives time for reflection.

A litany is a congregational prayer, usually read as a responsive reading between a leader and a congregation, often used in traditional or liturgical church settings.

• Timed to fit easily into a set
• Creates a unique visual/audio reflection space in the midst of worship
• Use the music provided, or simply mute it for silence or replacement music
• Downloadable PDF transcript (click the PDF link under the video below)

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Download: Low Res Video, High Res Video, PDF